Warranty Terms

FixMyGiz provides upto 3 months Warranty for the same problem or same parts consumed during repairs. The warranty period will be depending upon the problem and parts replaced. The Warranty period for any Apple product repair may vary from 3 days to 90 days. While giving you the estimate you will be provided the warranty period of the repairs.

For e.g. Apple Macbook Battery replacement Warranty is 30 days, as against the Iphone liquid damage warranty can be as low as 3 - days.

The Warranty is Void in case of :

  1. Device is physically damaged after repairs.
  2. Device found Liquid Damage after repairs
  3. Device is tempered by unauthorised person after repairs.

How to avail Repair Warranty

It is very rare that your device will give the same problem after repairs because we use good quality of spare parts for repairs. But if at all (though unlikely) the device gets the same problem again as was repaired originally, then you will have to carry the device to our service center or courier the device to us. You need to send the copy of Invoice which would have been given to you after repairs. We will not entertain Warrnty without the invoice.

Once we get the device, we will thoroughly inspect the device and if the problem found is the same as of original repairs then we will do the repairs free of cost. But if the problem found is different than the orignal repair, we would give you an estimate for the new repairs.


We will try to re-fix your device twice after the initial repairs for the same problem If perhaps after that, the device continues to give same problem then we shall issue a refund of amount paid originally minus the Tax cost and minimum repair cost.