Iphone Repairs Terns and Conditions

Below are the basic terms and condiitons that you need to understand before giving your device for repairs. By accepting the job sheet, it is deemed that the Customer agrees to all the terms and conditions mentioned in the job sheet.

Repair Estimation

The repair service cost provided during the time of receiving the product will likely be an approximation simply, according to the details you might have given to our team. It is also possible that this cost to fix the device is actually more than the actual approximated cost During such instances you're going to be contacted through phone in order to approve a fresh repair service quote.

Minimum Repair Quotation

Pretty much all fixing have a "minimum amount fee". This particular charge addresses technician's time, efforts and also any sort of spares consumed while attempting to repair the unit. Soon after evaluation, the minimum amount fee might become payable whenever:

  1. The device is BER (Beyond Economical Repairs)
  2. Spare not available due to end of life or shortage of spares
  3. Customer disapproves the quotation for repairs.

Repair Turnaround Time

Repairs may take from 30 minutues upto 3-4 days depending upon the complexity of the problem and also the availibility of spare parts. The repair time is calculated from the time the device comes to our service center. At times due to reasons beyond our control it may even take longer for repairs then committed to customers. Our company is not resposible for any loss or damage arising because of delay in repairs of handsets.

Accessories  of devices

Customers are expected to remove all accessories before submitting the devcice unless and other wise asked for. We are not responsible for the accessories not recorded in the jobsheet.

Data Loss

We will do our best to retain your data. We will not delete any of your data without your approval. However we will not be responsible for any loss of data including photos, videos, ringtones or any other data.

Lock Codes / Passwords

We would request that you remove any lock codes or passwords on your device as we will need to test your unit after we repair it.

Otherwise, you can provide our team with all the security password. Unless you provide us with all the code or password we simply cannot be held accountable for any sort of issues with your product since without having accessibility to the unit we can't check the total features following the repair process is finished.

Defective Parts

We may or may not be able to return the defective parts which are replaced during repairs.