Apple Iphone LCD Replacement in Mumbai

Broken Iphone Screen? Worried about very high replacement cost from Apple Authorised Service Centers. Now just relax. We offer top quality Iphone screen replacement services at a very affordable rates. You will be shocked to find our Iphone LCD replacement rates:

Iphone 7 Plus LCD Replacement Cost Rs.5500/-
Iphone 7 LCD Replacfement Cost Rs.5100/-
 Iphone 6s LCD Replacement      Rs.3500/-
 Iphone 6s Plus LCD Replacement                Rs.4000/-
 Iphone 6 LCD Replacement Rs.2500/-
 Iphone 6 plus Replacement Rs.3200
Iphone 5s LCD Replacement Cost Rs.1850/-
Iphone 5 LCD Replacement Cost Rs.1750/-
Iphone 4s LCD Replacement Cost Rs.1650/-
Iphone 4 LCD Replacement Cost Rs.1550/-


So now no need to replace your Iphone if its LCD screen is broken. All our LCD screen replacements comes with Fifteen Days of Warranty. We use best quality of LCD screens available in the market.